PompCup Heino 2016! by Vincent Hartman

The International Football tournament PompCup Heino 2016 started on Friday the 13Th, fortunately without accidents:). Teams from Denmark. Germany, France, Belgium, Switserland and The Netherlands gathered at Summercamp Heino to check into their accomodation.

The photographers Thomas Feickens and Vincent Hartman of STUDIOVHF covered the event.

Martijn Dadema, Mayor of Raalte Council used to play football himself at vvHeino

Also Tom Hartman contributed to the event by making the following video:

And so did the parachutists themselves:

In the category boys under 17,  FC Gobelins won after a gruelsome penalty final from host vvHeino B1

The deciding penalty...

A celebrating FC Gobelins!

More images can be viewed via : Photos PompCup Heino 2016.

(Update 17/05/2016, 20:56h all images are now online!)

And of course we took this traditional picture on the centre spot of field 1, after which the party really kicked off!

Earlier that day, before any beers, organising crewmember Matthijs Polstra and volunteer photographer Vincent Hartman agreed a deal where Vincent would fly over from Scotland to cover next years event, under the condition that Matthijs would stay on as a crewmember!

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We hope you had great tournament and we are looking forward to your views!

PompCup Heino, International football tournament edition 12 by Vincent Hartman

RKAVV in actie, dit jaar voor het eerst in 10 jaar niet aanwezig.

Last weekend, the 12Th edition of the international youth football tournament, PompCup Heino, took place at 'Sportpark de Kampen' the domicile of local football club vvHEINO.

For the 6Th consecutive time, the tournament was covered by the photographers of STUDIOVHF, this time in the person of Thomas Feickens, as Vincent Hartman was unable to attend due to a leg injury.

All photos are now online and can be seen via the following link:

PHOTOS***PompCup Heino 2015***PHOTOS

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

11Th PompCup International Football Tournament by Vincent Hartman

This weekend the 11Th edition of the PompCup International Youth Football Tournament took place on the grounds of first class football club vvHEINO.
Traditionally, photographer Vincent Hartman covered the whole tournament. 

All pictures are now (2014-06-09 20.15h) online and can be seen through the following link: PHOTOS***PompCup Heino 2014***PHOTOS

10Th Anniversary PompCup Heino 2013 by Vincent Hartman

The 10Th anniversary of the PomCup Heino kicked off today on the grounds of vvHeino. Over the last 10 years the football club of the town of Heino welcomes youth football players from a variety of countries during the Pentecost weekend. This year the tournament will be attended by 48 teams from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and The Netherlands. Over the next coming days and after the tournament the photographs can by viewed via: 


As this is an anniversary, you can find the pictures of the previous years here: