English landing page added to the STUDIOVHF website / by Vincent Hartman

Shortly after its release the website STUDIOVHF climbed the google rankings on certain keywords relatively quickly. It is now very well found nationally for commercial photography and has already given the studio access to new clients. Over the last two month's we have had a few enquiries from potential oversees customers from the UK and Belgium and when we checked the statistics of the website we learned that approximately 50% of the visitors of the STUDIOVHF website have their language settings in their browsers set to English. In comparison to the 'www.vincenthartmanfotografie.nl' website with 25% this is a significant difference in users, although 90% of the visitors are located in The Netherlands.

We do not envisage international expansion of our photographic activities, but it would be unwise to ignore international orientated visitors and potential clients especially taken into account the European origins of VDFP BV, of which STUDIOVHF is a trade name. The new page gives visitors some general information and 2 example images per category of photography. It explains the differences between the galleries and for the rest the images will have to do the communication on their own because the other pages of the website are in Dutch. We have now given ourselves the task to boost the rankings of the English page and we are anxious to see where this leads us. 

We will keep you posted !

In March 2018 we launched a new website: Photographer Stirling .

Source: http://www.studiovhf.com/en/english/